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Who we are
Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital studio products for 31 years. Originally set up as an R&D consultancy developing designs for pro and consumer audio companies, Prism Sound now manufactures its own high-end recording and mastering products, as well as audio test and measurement equipment and networked audio logging systems.
Our Products
We do not mass produce electronics. All our products are specialised performance products built for the most discerning in the industry where sophisticated and innovative technologies set them apart from the masses. Measured and subjective performance are the highest criteria, followed by flexibility and ease of use. They are not expected to be cheap, but they are expected to do their job in a manner that leaves nothing to chance and nothing to be desired, year after year.

Prism Sound Heritage: 1987 to 2016
Prism Sound has worked behind the scenes of the international music industry, for 31 years and has considerably influenced recorded music. The world's top recording studios, independent recording producers and engineers are equipped with Prism Sound A/D and D/A converters. Further along the production chain, many mastering studios use Prism Sound A/D and D/A conversion as their reference tool to create the final versions for CD or download files. Now younger music producers are learning why Prism Sound is the professional's choice with the company's new desktop recording interfaces.
The giants of consumer electronics, top pro-audio manufacturers, HiFi companies and many others making audio products use Prism Sound measurement technology to evaluate their own products in the R&D lab and on the production line. Prism Sound has been particularly successful in providing audio measurement solutions for the automotive industry.
If it wasn't recorded, produced or played back on Prism Sound equipment, the music you are listening to might be playing on a device that has been tested using Prism Sound audio measurement technology.


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