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By introducing two concepts to cinema sound effects, Dolby Atmos creates breathtaking flowing sound effects: audio objects and set-top speakers. By combining the two, you can completely subvert the production and listening of the soundtrack.
Traditional surround soundtracks limit all sound effects to a few channels, so sound effects can only be made from a few perceived angles. This type of surround sound does not apply sound to your head. In addition, the sound effects only exist as part of the channel mix. If a sound is enhanced in a traditional mix, other sound effects are suppressed.
In contrast, when using Dolby Atmos, the sound is freed from the channel. With this technology, artists can think of a specific sound as a separate entity (called an "audio object"). Track creators can precisely deploy and move such objects anywhere in the theater's three-dimensional space without limiting them to specific channels; of course, artists can continue to use the original channel functions as needed. The Dolby Atmos theater processor then chooses which of the front, rear, side, and top speakers in the theater to reproduce this realistic motion.
In this way, the Dolby Atmos track can present the scene on the screen to the audience in an unprecedented way. The sound of the film will fill your surroundings and immerse you in the storyline, enhancing the appeal of the story and creating a dynamic cinema experience.

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